Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greetings and Salutations!

Yay! It's a nice day out today! Sunny but only 20 degrees at 9am. Finally cooled off a bit last night so it isn't the sweltering-can-barely-breath-want-to-rip-off-my-skin-so-hot weather we've had the last few days!  Funny how a little thing like temperature can drastically alter your mood. I slept about 4 hrs last night, which is actually more than I'd slept for the 3 days previous combined, so you'd think I'd feel well rested, but I'm actually feeling extra-exhausted. lol. However I'm in a fantastic mood because It isn't SO hot! :)
Ooooh! Also, since I finally caught the blog up to current times yesterday, I can finally share my current projects with you! Double Yay!

So I've been working on a piggy. I found a site that shows how to knit circles. Something I'd been trying to figure out on my own without the best results. So, I knitted a pink circle to try it out. This made me want to make a piggy. Only problem is the circle was quite large (about the size of a cap from a bottle of water) meaning I'd have to make a much bigger toy than usual. Remember that boredom with the tiny baby hat? It was nothing compared to a giant pig of plain purl 1 row knit 1 row. I admit I was naughty and have done some other tiny projects while working on it. I finally finished the body and head. I knit a little chain of 2 stitches and sewed it to the edge of the circle to make a snout and sewed it onto the head and added safety eyes and stuffed the whole thing. Then I knit a couple ears and attached them as well.  

I've completed one leg thus far.
More to come later. :) Off to take the baby to his checkup. Until next time, happy crafting!


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