Friday, May 28, 2010


I always think it's fun to see how people stash their yarn. currently littered throughout the house. Some in boxes, some real wool is in my 'dresser' upstairs (think I have 2 drawers out of the 6 with actual clothes in them), and the majority here, in my old dresser.

The pic on the right is some yarn I just bought a couple days ago. I'm currently in love with the Bernat Satin. And no, I still do NOT have enough. :D Most of this is plain acrylic yarn. Good quality yarn is difficult to find here and very pricey unfortunately. I will continue to hunt for it though!  It's strong and soft enough to make cute toys from. Especially dreamy bamboo.....*sighs and daydreams of lil brushed furry creatures*

*ahem* Sorry. So....a couple days ago when I was going back and posting prior projects I also went back to the websites certain patterns were from to link them for you. One of those was for the cute little penguins. While there to get the link, I noticed the adorable little sheep. As I had just bought, the very day before, the coolest funkiest yarn with the express thought that "hey! This would make an awesome lamb!"

I thought making one of her lil sheep would be the perfect way to test it out. Behold! A cute and fuzzy lambkins! Nekkie and with his warm woolie coat! He's so cute and I do love the way the new wool worked out, although it was a bit of a pain to knit with.

I'm not the only one that likes him either! My cutie-pie nephew thinks he's soft and cuddly too! I'm off to go play with this lil sweetpea. Until tomorrow, happy crafting!  *huggles*

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