Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This lil piggy....

Hello again!
My apologies for not posting for a few days. Things have been busy around here. My nephew is almost 2 months old now so he's awake a lot more, requiring attention and playtime. He's just discovered his feet so we've been having fun with the old piggies rhyme.
I haven't been completely idle though. Speaking of piggies...I finally finished the knit piggy I was working on as well! I believe we left off with the body, head and 1 leg completed last post. Since then...I've knitted the other leg and 2 arms and attached them.

I also added a curly lil tail and a bellybutton! I was thinking of making him/her an outfit...but I'm not sure I want to cover the bellybutton.

I also found a nice quick pattern for a toy ball that I just had to give a try, during my random link clicking.
I think I should have used blue for the center stripe instead of green. It's too Christmas-y. But it is bright and the wee one seems to like it, so I'm deeming it a success! It was also really easy to make.
I'm working on 2 other small toys now but I shall save them for tomorrow. :) Have a great day and happy crafting!


  1. I think of Jamaica more than Christmas, but it's a neat little ball. Did you stuff it with fiber fill or put beans in it like a hacky-sack?

    Totally LOVE the belly button on that pig. So cute it's hilarious.

  2. I used poly fill for the ball since I expect it'll end up in wee hands and I didn't want him breaking anything if he throws it. It is the perfect size for a hacky-sack though.