Friday, July 9, 2010

Awwwwww I have flowers!!!!!!!

WARNING: Non-craft related hijacking below

My boyfriend is the BESTEST boyfriend in the whole wide world. How do I know? Not only is he absolutely wonderful and perfect and allows me to drone on and on about my knitting and crafting obsessions....he sent me flowers for our first anniversary yesterday. They are so beautiful I just had to hijack my own blog to share and coo and swoon. :) I'd never had a boy buy me flowers before *ducks and blushes* but I have to say these are the most beautiful and most wonderful flowers EVER. Not only that, he had the forethought to think: Hey! It's in a basket. She could use that for knitting stuff! Yes, he's just that wonderful!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Not only did he get me flowers, he was extremely sneaky finding out what my favourite flowers were (carnations, ftr). A few days ago I was pouncing on etsy (randomly pops up 3 new shops) and had found this shop. The owner takes butterfly wings (after they have naturally passed) and laminates them to make the most stunning necklaces. So I was rambling on about that and my bf pondered (not even a real question!) as to whether that could be done with dried flowers too. I, thinking it a legitimate conversation, proceeded to ramble about drying flowers and how some could and others wouldn't cause they lose colour or would be too thick, etc etc etc....and he slips in there somehow (I'm still not sure how!) asking what my favourite flower was. Yep. That's my sneaky loveable rogue. *sighs happily* I am so incredibly lucky.
It has been a fabulous year and I look forward to many more. Thank you again my dear sweet love! 

Hmm....since I've already hijacked this thread, I may as well go ahead and share this adorable pic of my nephew who just turned 3 months old on the 7th. Looks like he loves teddies as much as his auntie. :)

Until next time!

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