Sunday, August 22, 2010

More spinning

I took these the other day, and just realized I didn't post them here. To the left is an updated pic of the spinning from my last post, after the false start.  It is much thinner and I really like it. I can't wait to ply it! I still have quite a bit left to spin first though.

Here is the lovely multi-coloured blue that I started spinning as well, to see the difference in the fibers and how they spin. I drafted this one a bit thicker to showcase the lovely colours in the roving.

I can't wait to spin more, and to ply these. I still haven't decided which type of plying I'll do.  I may ply the multicoloured one with white once I get some white and spin it. :)

I haven't stopped knitting, but I had to frog my last piece of work (a shawl pattern I'd modified) after my needles broke. Here's a glimpse of what was turning out to be a pretty nice, warm shawl.It's hard to see in this image, but there is a row of eyelets just before each stockinette section. Just enough to give it that delicate lacey look.

I have made a couple other items, but as they are gifts I don't want to risk the giftee's seeing them here. I promise to share after they've been doled out. :)

 I was horribly upset about having to frog that shawl. However a few perfectly timed RAKs arrived from 2 wonderful Ravelry friends and made it much less painful. This group of lovely natural yarns to play with AND 3 new sets of circular needles perfectly sized for my little toy knitting, came from 2 dear women. The 3 on the left were from LilyLemon and the 2 balls of bamboo and all the needles were from JuleeQue. Aren't they fabulous?! I can't wait to knit them up and see how these fibers differ from my boring old acrylic!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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