Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty eyes for pretty toys!

It felt like Christmas yesterday. My package of goodies from GlassEyesOnline finally arrived. Someone in ravelry's knitted toy group had mentioned loving this vendor and I just had to try them out. I've been running to the mailbox daily to check if they were here yet. It only took 11 days to get here from the states (that's quick!), but it felt like forever!
SO worth the wait though. I got a huge assortment of eyes, noses, ovals, etc.  Look at this amazing selection of goodies:

Info spew cause I'm in love
This site is great. It allows you order as few or as many of whatever size/colour you want. So you're not restricted to ordering 25 pairs of the same colour of eyes, or paying a premium for an assortment.
You do however get a discount if you order x number of a certain size. (over 12, and then over 25 and 50). However you can order whatever colours of that size you want. So, for example, I ordered 12 pairs of  regular 8mm eyes. 4 pairs were blue, 4 pairs were silver, 2 pairs were gold and 2 pairs were clear. But because I ordered 12 or more pairs of 8mm, I saved a penny or two off each pair.

As an added bonus you get free shipping if you order over a certain amount. I think it was $25. I spent $37 for all of this.

End of gratuitous information sharing

Here's some closeups of a few items. First, some special glitter eyes:

Then some iridescent ones (hmm lost one of the pearl ones in that shot) and finally a few of the different noses.

Time to go dream up new toys for all these goodies. Until next time...

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