Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hi there!

So I had written this long post gushing over the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) I received last week. I had posted it...or so I thought. I just noticed today that it apparently never saved. Blah.
PirateRed (a wonderful member of a group I belong to on Ravelry) sent me my first RAK package...and boy did she spoil me! In the group we belong to you post a list of 5-6 things you would like. Then other members of the group can chose to send you something on your list if they happen to have something appropriate. On my list I put that I would love bits of roving so I could learn to spin. It was posted at the beginning of august, before I had actually tried spinning and was just dreaming of trying 'some day', as I didn't have a spindle yet.
She not only sent me 3 wonderful BIG samples of different roving...she sent me a spindle too! Lookie:
Closeup of the spindle
My wonderful RAK from PirateRed

Needless to say I was squealing for hours over this package. I'm still all fluttery and happy over it 4 days later. :-)

The roving: First is a delicate silk/merino blend that is just so soft and lovely I am afraid to try and spin it, so I just keep touching and petting it.
The stripey blue is wool colonial from Blue Goose Glen, and so sproingy (yes that's the technical term) and soft. Last there is the solidish bluish green. It is Pagewood Farms BFL and I just love the subtle changes of colour it makes.
The spindle is an Ashford student spindle and wow can I tell the difference using it compared to my cd spindle! It spins like a dream. 

I've actually spun up some of both of the blues now. The blue-green on the right, after a false start (see the pic below), has made a very nice thin single that I just adore. I can't decide how I want to ply it...because it is sooo lovely as is.
The stripey blue I've made slightly thicker to showcase all the colours in it. I'm still working on both but will snap some pics later to share.

False start. 
The new spindle took some getting used to as it is a lot lighter than my cd spindle. I had to get used to putting more twist in, or it ballooned out leaving those sections that don't look spun. I was also trying to spin the opposite of how I'd spun my orange/yellow as I'd read I did it backwards. I've gone back to my original way and it is working much better. I guess I'm just backwards. :)

I'm off to draft some more of this lovely fiber and spin some more! Happy crafting everyone!


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