Tuesday, June 15, 2010

50 Projects in 2010

Craftster has this great craftalong section of their forums. There are various challenges and project ideas, and if you want to participate you do so.
I just found this great challenge to do 50 craft projects in 2010. I think it's great and inspiring. In order to keep myself on track as much as possible (ha ha I know), and not just leap from project to project and never finish any....I have signed up. To help organize myself I'm going to post my list of projects here (the thread for this craftalong is already 366 pages long, that's a lot to dig thru to find my list.)
You do not have to list all 50 projects at once, and I don't believe you have to restrict yourself to the ones in your list (ie, you could swap one out for something else if you get inspired/hijacked into making something else). I haven't thought of 50 things yet...but I'm getting there! 
So without further ado, my 50 projects for 2010:

Knit Items:
  1. Dragon! I have the idea in my head, just have to get the time and mats to make it.
  2. Sharpei - as a gift for a friends bday.
  3. Tiger - another gift
  4. Manta Ray - to go with other underwater themed toys for my nephew
  5. Chiuahua - or however you spell the tiny dog, for another gift.
  6. Gnome Log or Mushroom House (doll house for boy...this may not get done this year. Planning for nephews 3rd birthday (he just turned 2 months old yesterday. lol.)
  7. Gnomes/Fairies/Other magic critters for the house.
  8. Moose - for mom (she's moose obsessed)
  9. Snowman
  10. Elf
  11. Frogs - debating on poses. May make a couple different ones
  12. Finger Puppets
  13. Polar Bear
  14. Fawn/Deer
  15. Ferret
  16. 'Monster' hand puppet
  17.  Elephant
  18. Mouse
  19. Seahorse
  20. Koala Bear
  21. Itty bitty tiny panda bear
  22. Sheep with removable fleece
  23. Gecko
  24. Baby Seal x2 (1 was a prototype before I made 2nd in good yarn)
  25. Big Piggy
  26. Ball
  27. Knitted mobile for nephew (5 flying animals and vine/branches for them to hang from)
  28. Baby Hat and Booties w/pompoms
  29. Saartje Booties
  30. Hand Towel for mom
  31. Cotton face/dish scrubbie from frugal swap
  32. Pi Dishcloth 
  33. Set of a scrubbie and 2 cloths + homemade sugar scrub for a bday gift
  34. First knit lace circular cloth (got stolen by mom so it didn't make it to #33's set)
  35. Professor Snape - a gift for a friend's bday.
[u] Non-Knitting[/u]
  1. Finish my nephew's underwater scene painting
  2. Reuse a thrift store sweater to make a felted bag. (It's in my washing machine being felted right now!)
  3. Make mittens or fingerless gloves from the same sweater. 
  4. Stage for Finger Puppets
  5. Scrapbook of nephews first 6 months at least. 
  6. A case for my knitting needles! Sis has even promised to help me with her scary sewing machine.

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