Monday, June 7, 2010

So Excited!!

They're opening a new yarn store in the smaller city near me! *dances* Ok, not a real honest-to-goodness local yarn store, but a Lens Mills store that sells yarn by the boatload! I cannot WAIT til Wednesday. It is their grand opening and I am going to be there with bells on and a hankie to catch all the drool so it doesn't muss up the beautiful yarn they are sure to have. Even better? They have bamboo yarn on sale!!!! Maybe some of it will be pure bamboo and I can see how that compares to the bamboo silk mix I used on the seal. :D

Current project news: I have a long time friend that loves tigers. So I've been procrastinating and trying to figure out patterns to make him one. I'm on attempt 2 now and not at all certain it will pass the test either.  Both versions started on DPNs in ...yes you guessed it...more of the bernat satin. I told you I was addicted to it lately, lol. Started with orange and then rotated black and orange stripes.

As I mentioned, attempt #1 (seperate head/body) did not turn out well at all. I  knit a wee panel of white for the tummy since most real tigers I've seen have white tummies. I'm not sure I like it though. Also the head is much too long and looks like it belongs on a horse or maybe a zebra that went swimming in orange kool-aid.
So I moved onto attempt #2 which I'm currently working on. I didn't like how uniform the stripes were on the first attempt so I varied them a bit on #2. I added wee ears that I may still stick some white in. I've also added a wee striped tail. I have kitty safety eyes for the face. Right now I'm trying to make some sort of muzzle for the face. I have yet to make one that looks acceptable though. I'm also still debating trying a white tummy on this one. I may just go for a more cartoonie tiger.

I shall update when I get further on it. My next project is already roaring around in my head demanding to be let loose, which is making concentrating on this wee one a bit more difficult. hehe.

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