Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spring Seals

Ok, so I delayed posting a bit. I hope you'll forgive my tardiness. I wanted to finish the project I was working on so I could share it all at once.
I finally found a little ball of silk bamboo yarn from Patons for $7.50!!! Yay!! It's not pure bamboo, but it was soooo soft and smooth and almost....buttery??. I absolutely loved working with it. I don't know how I'll go back to acrylic after this... Unfortunately it doesn't brush up nearly as nice as I was told the pure bamboo does, so I shall have to continue the hunt for the elusive pure bamboo yarn.

So, in honour of the bamboo yarn, that I was VERY excited to finally find, I decided to try and knit up a baby seal.
Since I was making up my own pattern, I made one first in some Bernat satin acrylic to try out the pattern I had growing in my head.

It didn't turn out too badly. I decided I wanted  a slightly thicker tail and a longer body in the bamboo version. I'm still not sure about the 'whiskers' either. It's just a piece of unraveled black acrylic yarn. The eyes and nose are both embroidered on the acrylic version, but I used safety eyes on the bamboo one. Also, the bamboo/silk yarn was a beige/off-white colour. They didn't have white unfortunately. I definitely hope to get some actual white in pure bamboo. But now...without further's the fluffy lil baby seal:

As I mentioned, he didn't get the nice long-hair/furry look I was going for with the bamboo brushing. However it did make a very fine hair halo that is soooooooooo soft. I don't think the camera quite captured the fine fuzz surrounding him in the pics. So what do you think? Does he need whiskers? I think he deserves a name too. So cute and cuddly and fluffy....

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  1. He looks like a Murry. Murry, the furry seal. I can't decide on the whiskers...he looks cute both ways but if the baby is going to play with him I'd say leave them off.