Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eenie meanie miney moe. . . .

Argh! Decisions, decisions! Yes, I am STILL working on the little tiger. Now I need your help! Below are 4 different looks for the tiger. Which do you think works best? The white yarn is the super soft fluffy baby boucle, so it does puff up and away from his tummy.

#1) No muzzle, small nose.                               #2) No muzzle, big nose.

#3) Just muzzle.                                            #4) Muzzle and white tummy.

So let me know what you think. Which one should I stick with?

Onto other news....I was very bad today. I spent waaaaaaay too much on yarn at the grand opening of Len's Mills. They had oodles of bulk packs of yarn on special. Granted, I saved a TON off the regular prices on what I bought...but would I have bought that much if it wasn't on sale? Nope! Did I get any of the pure bamboo or mohair or alpaca yarn that I was looking for? Nope! They didn't have any. :( They had some mixes (like the 15% alpaca/85% wool blend I debated on for a good 10 minutes) but I decided to wait and save my tiny yarn budget until I can find what I really want.
Of course I then went and blew that tiny budget out of the solar system. As in....4 months of budget gone in 1 afternoon. Oops! However I did get a lot of yarn that I have ideas for to make as gifts for Christmas, so that doesn't count right? :D  Want to see what I got? Here, lookie......mmmmm yarn goodness.....

-I picked out three of the 1 lb bags of factory mill ends, that they had on for $4. Yes! $4 for a whole pound of yarn! Mmmm. One bag appears to be a nice roving wool. The other 2 look like crafting cotton.
-A big package of brown crafting cotton to make my mother dishcloths and hand towels for in the kitchen for $8.
-3 balls of Bernat Soft Boucle
-6 balls of Patons baby bamboo in blue (no clue what I'll use it for, but at $13 for 6 balls when it's $7.50/ ball regularly, and I adored working with their silk/bamboo for the seal)
3 balls of Bernat satin sport in a nice light brown and 6 balls of Bernat satin cause I just couldn't say no to the prices.
-3 balls of Bernat Boa. Fun feathery stuff in blue. Maybe I'll make a cookie-monster type hand puppet for the nephew out of it. My mother has a scarf I knit her of the exact same shade a few years ago that she loves. -Last but not least there are 3 balls of Bernat Cot'n Corn. Because I've been looking at it for awhile and it was a nice green colour and only $3 or $4 for all 3 balls.
-3 packs of extra tapestry needles and a package of coloured safety pins for stitch markers when knitting on DPNs (my solid loops just don't work on them).
-6 pieces of felt. Four of which are more of a heavy fleece than felt, and soooooo soft. I want to try and make baby booties out of them.
Teehee. Reading this over, it's pretty clear who Lens Mills deals with for their yarn selection. 
Grand total: $76.62.  Meeeeep! However I figure it is about $250 worth of yarn. Not too bad. :)
So many projects .... spinning thru my head!
Until next time, happy crafting!

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  1. I like version 3 the best. I think his head shape is better with the muzzle. I also like version 4, but when viewing him from the front like you pictured him, you can more easily tell that 3 is supposed to be a tiger. The white tummy sort of camouflages it (I really have no idea how to spell that word). He is very cute though. Toss him some shades and he'd be a stand-in for Chester Cheetah from the Cheeto-s ads. : )